Pricing Guide

Consignors’ Golden Rule: Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy!


Suggested pricing is provided as a tool, it is not a mandate!

The following can be used as a guide when pricing your items. Additionally, we have listed a few tips that may be helpful.

  • As a general rule, price your items at approximately 30-50% of what you originally paid. Price your items as if you were the buyer and not the seller. Ask yourself, “How much would I pay for this?”
  • Price low those items you prefer not to take home with you.
  • Outdoor playground equipment, little tykes, double strollers and other large items sell for up to 60% of retail. It’s the beauty of supply and demand.
  • Sets and outfits sell better than single items. We recommend pairing like items or creating sets whenever possible.
  • Remember that shoppers are looking for savings on quality items. Please price your items to SELL!
  • Minimum price should be $3. We can sell two similar items together if one item doesn’t justify the $3 prices. If you can’t justify the $3 price due to brand, condition, etc. Do not bring it to the sale. Most likely it won’t sell.
  • Presentation Matters! Run the iron quickly over each piece, take the little extra time to button all buttons, zip zippers, etc.

Consider this a great opportunity to clean out closets and kids’ rooms. Do not let your time and energy go to waste by not selling most of your items.

When shoppers come to our sale and gets lots of bargains, they are probably going to tell their friends. The success of this sale depends on a good turnout of shoppers. If, year in and year out, we give shoppers the bargains that they want, then the sale will grow each year, we all win!