Consignor Drop-Off

Drop off for Fall 2023

October 19th (2pm to 8pm) and October 20th (9am until 2pm)

St. Bonaventure Parish Center,
1625 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL

Drop-Off times are by appointment only.

Before you drop-off your items, they must be entered into our online system and be tagged according to our How to Tag instructions.

To make drop-off run smoothly please ensure the following:

  • Drop-Off items only during your registered time.
  • Tag items according to our How to Tag instructions prior to drop-off.
  • Review our Accepted Items page.
  • Group items by gender and size. This will make it easier for you to hang your clothing items on the correct racks.
  • Separate Specialty items from Gender/ Size (i.e. leave Holiday Outfits, Boutique Items, Coats and Swim Wear)
  • Place items in clothes baskets, boxes or anything else that may help you unload from your vehicle to the building, we will have a limited number of rolling racks that will help with unloading
  • Double check toys have working batteries (also switch toys to the off position so batteries do not drain)
  • Double check clothing for rips, stains, holes, excessive wear, etc.

What to Expect at Drop OffIN PERSON EVENTS

  1. Arrive on time and unload your items.
  2. Check-in at our Consignor Table. Be sure to get your Shopping Passes for the presale (in-person only)
  3. Once an Inspection Team Member is available, they will check your items for consistency with our Accepted Items criteria. To Speed the process of checking toys, please turn toys to the ON position.
  4. Once an Inspection Team Member has checked your items, you may place them in the correct area of the sales floor.
  5. Shoppers want to inspect items to make sure that they are not missing parts. You will be required to assemble all pack and plays, cribs, etc.

What to Expect at Drop Off – ONLINE EVENTS

  1. Arrive on time and unload your items.
  2. Check-in at our Consignor Table.
  3. You will be directed to an empty table where you have to scan all your items (barcode), this is to ensure that you’re bringing all the items that you sold.
  4. Once we confirm that we have all your sold items, you may place your items in the correct seller number on the sales floor.
  5. Let us know if you didn’t bring an item because it was either defective or realized that it doesn’t meet the quality standard. Remember that seller will inspect their purchased items at pickup and if the item doesn’t match the description, they have the right to ask for a refund.